Brief Overview

Think of us as a private investment group with membership linked to holding our NFT. Our most significant endeavor is IPD PAD, where we connect accredited investors to early-stage crypto-native teams.

Who We Are

IDO Pass DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization native to the Cardano blockchain. We built the first DAO-governed, compliant-minded, fully transparent launchpad, IPD PAD. This makes us an innovation in Caradno DeFi (Decentralized Finance). The DAO was founded in Q1 2022 to create a collective of members with a common goal: to learn about and research crypto asset investment opportunities and develop tools and a forum for more informed trading.

What We Do

We work as a collective to incubate and fund early-stage teams. We employ traditional centralized entities to build tools to bridge investors directly to crypto-native teams on the blockchain without centralized intermediaries through our launchpad, IPD PAD. We conduct investment research and create software tools for our investor members, as well as manage a treasury to the benefit of member holders. We are a private community, though anyone can join by acquiring one of our limited 5500 NFTs.

Incubate Early-Stage Cardano-Native Teams

Our goal is to prepare teams for an initial successful capital raise and foster their development post-raise. The nature of assistance we provide to each project can vary but could include: strategy, tokenomics, compliance, software development, deployment, integration, facilitation of partnerships, connecting them with qualified advisors, smart contract audits, licensing/intellectual property, bridge loans, and a full suite of marketing and design services. We actively seek talented blockchain-native teams and projects to fund through our private launchpad platform, IPD PAD. We look for teams/products that our member-holders will consider to be investable. Those opportunities are presented to the membership for examination and feedback. Ultimately, teams or concepts that do not demonstrate sufficient opportunity or viability will likely not pass our member-holder voting round. In this case, we have the option to provide additional incubation to address member concerns.

Conduct Investment Research

The DAO, which governs the launchpad, is a private collective of investors. Our membership actively conducts research into a variety of investment categories, though primarily focuses on blockchain-native opportunities.

Blockchain Infrastructure - Nodes, SPO

Our DOA commonly invests in blockchain infrastructure nodes and hardware. This allows us to support the infrastructure of the projects we understand deeply, invest in, and earn rewards in the form of additional digital assets, allowing us to sustain operations, generate profit, and invest in more projects and foundational infrastructure.
  1. 1.
    Stake Pool Operation, Ticker [IDP] - Cardano "Decentralized Blockchain" Cardano is a blockchain platform known for using a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, and stake pools are a key component of its PoS system. IDO Pass DAO owns a Cardano stake pool. This involves providing necessary server infrastructure, ensuring network connectivity, and managing the pool's operations. Node rewards are paid to Delegators and the DAO treasury in $ADA. Delegators to IDP also earn token rewards from our partner projects.
  2. 2.
    World Mobile Earthnode - World Mobile "Decentralized Telecom" The data traffic from World Mobile users is processed and verified by EarthNodes; our DAO owns and maintains one of these nodes. Node rewards are paid to the DAO treasury in $WMT. Holders of the IDO Pass DAO Booster Pass with the Hand Power trait "Globe" share a 1% royalty of these rewards, with the balance returned to the DAO Treasury.
  3. 3.
    HyperCylce Nodes - SingularityNet "Decentralized Computing & AI" Hypercycle is a Layer 1 blockchain network that supplies massively scalable, low-cost infrastructure for decentralized AI, and other potential applications. HyperCycle will leverage SingularityNET’s Proof of Reputation consensus mechanism and TODA’s data structures and core algorithms. The DAO owns a large quantity of nodes. Node rewards will be paid to the treasury in $HYPC.

Make Tools for Investor-Members

Market Analyzation Tool: Our tool consists of tutorials, strategies, and custom interactive charts with financial indicators. This tool aims to help the DAO and individual members perform research and trades in multiple markets more efficiently.

Support DAO Tool Development on Cardano

The DAO is committed to assisting those developing DAO tools on Cardano.

Management of Investment Portfolio

IDO Pass DAO manages a treasury of digital and physical assets, such as nodes, NFTs, and various Cardano native assets. These assets are managed through on-chain governance on the Cardano blockchain. The DAO treasury belongs to the DAO members, and member-holders could view each NFT as a fractionalized claim on the treasury, which can be liquidated at any time on a secondary market. Holding our NFTs entitles you to submit and vote on proposals, including how the treasury is mobilized.