The Structure

IPD PAD's governance structure complements its financial product, ensuring transparency through community participation. It has a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) called the "Swarm" to oversee its operations and decision-making processes, much like a board of directors.
The Swarm is a community-driven entity comprised of IDO Pass DAO member-NFT holders who actively participate in the governance of IPD PAD. This DAO makes critical decisions about allocating funds, strategic investments, and the project's overall direction.
Governance decisions are made through proposals, with a voting mechanism where votes are based on NFT holder weight. The DOA utilizes an investment committee that screens proposals for malicious intent before they go to a member vote.
The Swarm employs a dual wallet strategy consisting of a multi-signature wallet for long-term storage and a hot wallet for expedited actions, ensuring that DAO can meet the agile demands of digital asset opportunities and still secure the bulk of the treasury through multiparty-signature. The Swarm actively provides feedback to DAO-tool developers and evaluates and adopts new tools to facilitate on-chain DAO management, providing a democratic decision-making approach.


IPD PAD's governance structure is designed to be decentralized, community-driven, and transparent. The Swarm DAO within IDO Pass DAO plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the project's financial decisions are made collectively, reflecting its pass and token holders' interests and goals. This approach enhances the overall trustworthiness and sustainability of IPD PAD's financial product.
IPD PAD’s financial product offers various use cases and scenarios within the crypto ecosystem. One prominent use case is as a launchpad for early-stage blockchain projects seeking funding and exposure. The DAO is a community of investors that hold NFT Founder Passes and Members Passes; $IDP token holders with a qualified holding can participate in the community but do not meet the qualification for governance. All holders gain access to allocations in seed and private rounds on the launchpad.
This structure creates a community of researchers and lead agents that drive early-stage projects and funding into the launchpad, providing community-vetted and team-vetted start-ups with access to essential funding. Moreover, IPD PAD’s financial product serves as a unique investment opportunity. NFT holders can vault their tokens to generate $IDP, which provides them with ongoing rewards and grants them access to guaranteed allocations on the launchpad. This dual benefit system aligns the community's interests with the success of the platform’s projects, fostering an ecosystem where everyone’s contributions are rewarded.
To illustrate its effectiveness, consider a potential scenario where a start-up project raises funds and grows its user and investor base through IPD PAD’s launchpad. This win-win scenario for the project and the IPD investor community showcases how IPD PAD’s financial product supports projects and holders, making it a valuable addition to the crypto DeFi industry.