Mission & Vision

"We build better bridges between start-ups and investors."


We build better bridges between start-ups and investors. We utilize blockchain technology to reduce the friction of the investment and funding process. We are investor-focused, which we believe is in the best interest of start-ups. We believe that incubating projects and teams better prepare them for their funding and operational goals and that this process creates the potential for the highest opportunity for investors that utilize our platform.


We are opening the gates of blockchain investing to all accredited investors worldwide, whether they have one hundred dollars or one hundred million to invest. Our automated platform has no limitations on the number of investors it can process or the investment amount that can be raised. We will continue to extend this access to additional viable blockchains, investors, and investment groups, expanding to all industry categories with viable and investable blockchain integration potential. As we grow, we will draw from within our launch projects to expand our consulting, advisory, integration partnership, and incubation services to supply the key services and specializations that future early-stage launch teams need to succeed, which ultimately serves the interests of our investor pool.