Key Features

Distilled Recap: Who, What, Why

IPD PAD’s DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem is a DAO-governed platform. Our primary objective is to incubate and fund crypto-native teams on proven blockchain protocols while supplying attractive opportunities for our member-holders and users of the IPD PAD launchpad platform.

Key Features

IPD PAD launchpad features noncustodial vaulting and well-proven and audited noncustodial linear vesting smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. At no time does IPD PAD or its partners take custody of the platform user's token assets.

Noncustodial Vaulting Rewards

Delegating IDO Pass DAO NFTs on the Digital Asset Delegation Platform earn vaulting rewards in the form of $IDP token. Quantities of $IDP tokens unlock progressive tiers of token sale allocations and early-sale round discounts on the IPD PAD launchpad.

NFT Vaulting - Noncustodial

Vaulting or registering IDO Pass DAO NFTs on the IPD Dashboard grants users access to token sales on the IPD PAD launchpad. This NFT utility can be unlocked in two ways:
  1. 1.
    NFTs can be vaulted in a non-custodial smart contract. Holders can access this smart contract through our Digital Asset Delegation Platform using a compatible Cardano wallet. Currently, our platform supports VESPR, Nami, Eternl, Lace, Typhon, Gero, and NuFi. Vaulting on this platform produces time-based rewards; see the NFT section for more information.
  2. 2.
    NFTs can simply be held in your compatible Cardano wallet and connected to the IPD Dashboard, where all NFTs and $IPD tokens will be recognized; vaulting is not required. Currently, the IPD PAD Dashboard supports the Eternl wallet, with more integrations pending.

Token Vaulting [$IDP] - Noncustodial

Vaulting increasing quantities of $IPD unlocks access to higher tiers of token sale allocations, which can represent early-round sales, price breaks, and larger token allocations on IPD PAD. The requirements to unlock each allocation tier are subject to change, though they will be published well before all IDOs. You can always check your Tier Allocation status by connecting your wallet to the IPD PAD Dashboard.

Token Vaulting [LP-$IDP] - Noncustodial

Like vaulting $IDP, increasing the amount of LP-$IDP token vaulted unlocks higher token sale allocations. However, vaulting LP-$IDP unlocks reward opportunities. As of November 17th, 2023, we are 75% complete on the developement of this feature, and a detailed announcement is pending. Also we are in the process of negotiating our official DEX pool partnerships.
Currently, LP-$IDP can be obtained on MinSwap, where liquidity can be added to the pool. Go to MinSwap and pair an equal value of $IDP and ADA together into the pool, and you will receive LP-$IDP in return, which is your claim on your stake in the pool. Adding liquidity to $IDP pools is important to the long-term stability of the token.

Liquidity Pool Leaderboard

Though not all LP tools are public, the LP Leaderboard is live and shows how DAO LP tools can monitor all wallets and pools related to specific policy IDs and place them into ranked order for project research, and LP-holder incentivization purposes. IPD PAD has a suite of private LP-focused tools that is expected to be available in Q1 2024. The team has spoken on this topic, suggesting these advanced features will be token-gated to DAO members and/or provided on a rolling $IDP paid subscription, though final details have not been officially released.

Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad

Our Cardano-native IDO launchpad supports projects from multiple blockchain protocols, including Cardano, Polygon, Solana, and Polkadot, enabling users to access a wide range of blockchain opportunities.

Community Goverened

IPD PAD’s DeFi ecosystem is facilitated through community governance. Nonfungible token holders can participate in decision-making through DAO voting.